900 & 1100 Pass through instructions

The Passthrough Kit comes with an 808 to 510 adapter so it can be used with our great tasting cartomizer, the 808 clearomizer, and most other types of clearomizers. Your kit will come with the adapter installed on the cartomizer end of your battery, to use the tank system that comes with your kit, just screw off the adapter and install the tank directly on the battery. Remember to fill the tank with e liquid before use.

    To recharge your Passthrough

Screw off the bottom end cap, plug the mini USB of the charge cord into the bottom of the unit, plug the standard USB end of the cord into the power charger and plug into a wall receptacle. The Passthrough unit has an LED at the mini plug end, (red light charging) green light when fully charged. You can also charge through your computer or car charger. Note: Computer must be on.  

    Lock battery to prevent accidental activation

Push the button 5 times continually to lock or open battery function.