Instructions for the Vamo V5 MSK Mod
These Instructions will tell you how use your Vamo V5 Mod. Please read carefully before using.


      Basic Features

• Turn on .Press the main button five times within 2 seconds, the screen shows "Hello, system :on".
• Turn off. In any feature state, press the main button five times within 2 minutes, the screen shows " Hello, system: off ".
• Press the main button to smoke after screwing atomizer ,and the screen shows the following record with different mod : battery charging level, voltage, power, puffs, current and resistance.
• The screen shows "Low V" if the single battery voltage < 3V or double batteries voltage < 6V, it means to recharge the battery .
• The screen shows "Short" if there is a short circuit of the product or the atomizer is unusable.
• Press the right button within 1 second ,the screen shows the existing clearomizer resistance ,xxxn;lt shows 9.90 if there no atomizer to be put on.
      Operation Menu
Press the two function buttons within 2 seconds at the same time to enter the install mode ,the screen shows three different menus by press the right button repeatedly: 1. "Power Voltage" ,2."LCD Display ",3. "LCD ON/OFF"
• 1."Power Voltage". By pressing left button to choose "Power output" or "Voltage output" to enter constant power mod or constant voltage mode. Voltage scope is 3.0V-6.0V,progressively press the left and right button with 0.1 V to increase or decrease ;Power scope is 3.0W-15.0W, progressively press the left and right button with O.SW to increase or decrease.
• 2."LCD Display ". By pressing left button to choose "Display resistance", press the main button ,screen shows the existing resistance of atomizer x.xn; Choose "Display Current" ,screen shows the existing output current x.xA ; "Display voltage ",screen shows the existing output voltage x.xV.
• 3."LCD ON /OFF" .By press left button to choose "LCD:ON "or "LCD :OFF".
• All features will be default mode within 2 seconds.
Be sure to read the instructions and precautions before using the product.
• DO NOT drop ,beat, bend or hit vamo+, or you may cause damage to outer shell or inner components.
• Keep it dry . It may cause its components damaged or shortcircuit if you put it into the water or touch it with wet hands.
• DO NOT reverse the polarity of battery ,you may cause damage the inner system .
• Charge the batteries with correct polarity accordingly ,and keep it from flammable goods , otherwise the charge will be short-circuited, even cause the fire.
• Charge it in time when the battery charge level is low .
• Pull out the charger and batteries once the batteries are fully charged.
• DO NOT place it in too hot or too cold environment , in order to prolong the validity and life .
• Obey your local laws or regulations while vaporing with e-cigarettes.
• Use only MSK's dedicated accessories , batteries and chargers.
• Keep it away from children , gravida , or some patients who has risks of heart disease , high blood pressure , diabetes , and asthma.
Please contact sales staffs, distributer or support team to get more support if sti ll have questions.