Filling Instructions

1. Carefully unscrew the drip tip from the Vivi Nova tank clearomizer.

2. Fill to to the highest fill line according to the tank size you purchased, fill from the side of the plastic tube.

3. DO NOT pour liquid into the middle hole of the tube, which is for airflow.

4. Screw the drip tip back into place.

5. Lay the clearomizer on it's side and wait 5 minutes for the fluid to feed into the coil head before starting to smoke.

    Heater Replacement
To replace the heater assembly: Grasp the base of the tank firmly, screw off the globe and lay it aside, still holding the base, firmly grasp the rubber seal at the top and screw it out. Reverse the procedure to reinstall.
Note: If there is liquid in the tank, remove and wrench with water.